Go with Natural Gas


About Go With Natural Gas

Go with Natural Gas began as a collaborative industry-government initiative with the assistance of funding from Natural Resources Canada.  Canada’s natural gas vehicle industry continues to support this initiative encouraging greater use of natural gas in Canada’s transportation sector. The Go with Natural Gas initiative provides information on how to switch to natural gas to attain lower emissions and reduce fleet operating costs and is a go-to resources for Canadian fleets interested in learning more about natural gas vehicles including the availability of factory-built trucks and buses, driving ranges, technology improvements, stations, fuel bunkering, emissions benefits, payback and fuel savings as well as learning about how natural gas compares to diesel in terms of energy use, properties, and safe handling.

As part of a broader education and outreach program, Go with Natural Gas aims to build capacity for the transition to natural gas vehicles in Canada. Providing up-to-date information and closing information gaps are fundamental to increasing natural gas vehicle deployment, a goal of the continuing joint industry-government initiative formed to implement the recommendations of the Natural Gas Use in the Canadian Transportation Sector – Deployment Roadmap.

Go with Natural Gas – A Smart Choice for Transportation!