About the Industry

Canada’s natural gas vehicle industry is comprised of a diverse group of interested parties. From natural gas producers and distributors, to vehicle manufacturers, service provides, and conversion providers, all have a playing hand in the operation and delivery of natural gas vehicles in Canada.

Natural Gas Producers and Distribution Companies

Natural gas producers and distribution companies view transportation as a key domestic market because natural gas is an affordable, clean burning, safe and reliable transportation fuel. With Canada’s robust distribution network that brings natural gas to more than 20 million Canadians homes, businesses and institutions, this market opportunity is substantial.


Over the last three decades, Canada has lead in the development of natural gas vehicle technologies, including engines, fuel systems, and refueling technologies.  Innovation has been a key element in Canada’s natural gas clean technology industry.  Important research and development of intellectual property has been developed and sold by leading Canadian firms.  Supporting these firms are a variety of engineering and component manufacturers who provide production products and one-off prototyping of vehicle and fuel system components.  Manufacturers of components and systems are also active in Canada, exporting products and expertise around the world, as well as providing the components and systems for vehicles and refueling equipment.

Service Providers

Service providers, including engineering firms and larger transportation industry companies are also active in the natural gas vehicle industry. These companies have supported natural gas projects in Canada, the United States and around the world.

Fleet Operators

The number of natural gas fleet operators has been growing steadily over the years.  Companies such as Robert Trucking and Waste Management have made the switch to natural gas for their vehicles because of the affordable fuel prices, lower emissions and its proven, market-ready technology.

Vehicle Conversion Providers

Vehicle conversion providers are the pioneers and longest standing members of the natural gas vehicle industry. The earliest examples of natural gas vehicles were built and deployed by these companies. Today, many are at the leading edge in developing new transportation applications for natural gas and continue to grow opportunities for the industry.