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Commercial BusThe Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance advocates on behalf of Canada's natural gas vehicle industry. Natural gas vehicle technologies provide proven, commercially available transportation solutions that reduce emissions while using lower cost fuel.

Our members are leading Canadian companies involved in research, manufacturing, fuel and infrastructure supply, vehicle conversion technology and installation, consulting, and international project management.

Our mission is to promote the sustainable growth of natural gas vehicles, refueling infrastructure, and renewable gaseous fuels for the benefit of Canada's economy and environment.

Association Profile

Mackie-11Originally established as a committee of the Canadian Gas Association, the CNGVA was incorporated as a not-for-profit entity in January 2000. The CNGVA represents the natural gas vehicle sector, advocating on behalf of the industry in both domestic and international markets.

There are currently 15 corporate members in the Alliance. Member business activities range from providing fuel and refueling infrastructure to the manufacture of engines and equipment as well as vehicle conversion, research, expert advice, and international project management services.

CNGVA Activities

P1010095-truck-and-driver-CMYKThe Association advocates on behalf of its members to promote natural gas vehicles as part of Canada's green transportation solution.

Greater Vancouver's TransLink operates natural gas buses that incorporate third generation C Gas Plus engines produced by Cummins Westport.

The CNGVA works to educate and create awareness about the benefits of natural gas vehicles including:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Lower levels of criteria air contaminants
  • Displacement of conventional crude oil-based fuels
  • Use of renewable biomethane from landfill gas and biomass
  • Use of Canadian technology and the creation of jobs in Canada
  • Expertise in the handling of compressed gaseous fuels
  • Development of facilities that can accommodate lighter- than-air fuels

The CNGVA advances the dialogue with government at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels, advocating for recognition of natural gas vehicles as a green transportation solution.

The CNGVA works in partnership with other associations active in transportation, municipal affairs, natural gas supply, alternative fuels, and advanced transportation technologies.

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